To support other blogs and readers of this blog, the Shoreline Cluster Poets blog will now have a “followers” page. This page is for those who are following this blog… a page where they can post a few words about themselves, where they live and a link to their blog.


  1. I write mostly poetry and historical fiction. I owe my desire to write poetry to the Shoreline Cluster of Poets, which I joined in January of 2009. Since then, the camaraderie and constructive criticism of this group has helped me to embrace writing poetry…and I occasionally subject them to a bit of fiction.

    My own blog is at I’m also on twitter @mmcnelliswrites.

    I’ve had some poetry and fiction published online, but am embarking on self publishing in both.

  2. I just crawled out into the light and have put my “stuff” out there for all to see. Somehow, somebody over here found my brand new blog presence and has been very sweet and encouraging so perhaps, in time, I’ll get brave enough to participate in this community and begin to share some of my poetry.

    My name is Lorretta and my blog is

  3. I live in Connecticut and write poetry. I also meet with the Shoreline Cluster Poets twice a month in Madison, CT, a great supportive group. I have been published several times online and in hard copy. Visit my blog at and click on the Bibliography tab to see where some poems have been placed. Click on the other tabs for pages of poetry, photos and drawings.

  4. I am a poet,artist and photographer who lives in Connecticut .I’ve won several online competitions and most recently won poet of the year at 21st Century Poets in their 1st annual poetry survivor competition. All submissions were done anonymously and are voted on by other poets.My winning poem as well as my qualifying poem will be going into hard copy later this year. I have been published in hard copy as part of an anthology series and currently have submitted several for a homeless anthology set to be published later this year. You can visit my blog at

  5. I’m a self-proclaimed expatriate of the “Real” World (I strongly object to others calling it that). Sometimes an artist. Sometimes a blogger.
    Enthusiastic Novice Nonny. Usually up to some sort of mischief. Can’t be trusted around birthday cake.

    Please stop by my Cosmic Carousel for a little cotton candy for the soul.

  6. There’s so much beauty in the world, and so much pain…I suffer from an incurable illness. My path is to walk the line between the darkness and the light. To search out beauty, to know truth, and to learn what matters most.

  7. Can’t find a title for myself… I am in awe of beauty most days, even the hidden beauty found in “ugliness”. Sometimes people stop, admire it, and write about it… sometimes people stop and photograph it. These days I just happy that stop, most people don’t anymore. I write, I photograph, but mostly I admire.

  8. What a great idea Shoreline!I live in Ohio and have a small farm and write about life on the garden with humor and loads of pics. Stop by and check us out and sign up, we’d love to have you!

  9. My name is Eve Redwater and I’m a poet with an unhealthy penchant for crows, corvids, or any other kingly, flighty creature! My poetry is mostly free-verse, and also includes photographs that I take and edit myself to accompany the verse.

    I generally draw my influences from nature, life and death, humanity and human thinking.

    Why not visit and tell me what you think? It’s always lovely to meet new people!

    I look forward to seeing you!

    Eve x

    • Thanks for following and posting. I’ve been enjoying the poetry you’ve been adding to your blog.

    • Eve, nice to see you on here!

      • Thank you! You too. 🙂

  10. An observer of nature and a lover of animals, I am mother to hairy or feathered critters that have minds of their own; often wayward, stubborn and disagreeable. I am a rehabilitator of wounded animals and birds, and I raise the orphaned. Many recent writings are about Daisy, an orphaned deer who came to us in May 2011. I share my life with FD, my husband, and three Japanese Chin(dren). I write about life on our little piece of land.

  11. I’m a writer of fiction and poetry. I am in love with the written word and have been since I was a young child. I love poetry because it allows the writer enormous freedom of expression. I blog at

  12. I’ve been writing poetry since I was a teenager, focusing on themes of the natural world and interpersonal interactions, two subjects that have always held a fascination for me. Poetry is a wonder form of expression, both in written and often in visual presentation. I have a blog where I ruminate on a range of topics from bowling to World of Warcraft.

  13. Hi. I’m a writer from Toronto. I mostly write fiction (am just finishing my first novel) but over the last two years have been drawn to very short poetic prose. I have just recently started writing poetry and am really loving it. My short fiction (50 words or less) can be found at

  14. I sculpt the light and slap the thunder. I cuddle the moon and kiss the sun. I am not a prophet who performs miracles. I’m just a man who’s learning to write fiction and poetry.

  15. I am a poet and an amateur photographer; I dabble in short story from time to time and am an avid reader. I am excited to read that the group will have first Open Mic, which sadly I can’t attend, but hope to join some future events, especially if they are held over the weekend. My name is Loreta and it is great to see others here.

    My blogs:

  16. I started writing poems and personal stories in 2014 about my experience with head and neck cancer. For me this seems truly therapeutic. Since January 2016 I have published 9 of these online at the CURE website shown in the link below. A brief bio is posted there too.

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