Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | January 27, 2015

Athena at Five

Museum of rain

DSCN7365.JPG - Version 2

Should we sing songs or play a game?
She elevated her chin —
As if a fulcrum of the scale to weigh her choices

Her grandmother recently entrusted her
with the task of setting the table
Her older sister had been eager to share
her new curriculum — Greek Mythology
Powerful women — beautiful wise and strong
were not unfamiliar to her
Her knowledge was expanding

Entertainment in the family chariot was time shared
No hand-held devices flat-lining imagination were supplied
Let‘s play animal, vegetable, mineral, goddess, utensil!

Her categories would continue to expand
Each one making the game more interesting
She loved owls too

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  1. Has the beginning been changed? I don’t have a copy from class. By the way, my new email is

  2. I agree Judy… the beginning seems different.

  3. Lovely.

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