Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | September 23, 2014

Sedna’s Digital Diaspora

Museum of rain

Sedna’s Digital Diaspora

The nature of a legend oft retold –
graphic details surface first

Past polar bears cavorting with walrus partners
beyond a sentinel herd of musk oxen
near a pair of antler-tangled elk –
I discover a disparate grouping
of mermaids – stone and bone

At the first Inuit sculpture gallery I visit
they dive –  swim – breach –
in anoraks or robustly naked –
twists of tail and wet green hair
voluptuous polished serpentine
raven steatite or walrus ivory

I am curious about their take
on my Sorrentine sisters –
neither sweetly Hans Christian Andersonian
nor seductively Homeric and considerably more ample
than those lithe Waterhouseian nymphs

But Arctic carvers and their legends
are represented here
by une tres chic Quebecoise sales model
in spear-sharp heels – eager to illuminate:

(This is where versions diverge)

    “Zee mermaid goddess is called Sedna
    who refuses so…

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  1. Gemma, I have to admit, it’s clearer…..

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