Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | August 19, 2014

Words from tonight’s meeting

At tonight’s meeting, we started with a little free writing session, using random words provided by those around the table. For the next meeting, I hope people will use some or all of these words to create something new to share and discuss. (of course, all topics and poems are welcome; this is just a fun exercise to see what can come from different minds given the same words). So, after the break, you’ll find the words…

1. armor
2. baiting
3. chain
4. compassion
5. false
6. flinch
7. grasshopper
8. hatred
9. hope
10. hundred
11. melee
12. opening
13. out
14. overload
15. piglet
16. racemonger
17. rare
18. richly
19. season
20. summer
21. sunflower
22. teapot
23. thunder
24. time
25. umbrella
26. waning
27. willingness


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