Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | June 4, 2014

What Causes The Future — Second Survival Cracker Poem

Take a look at Gemma’s blog for a revised draft of her poem from last night.

Museum of rain


I know what causes the future:
A tin of crackers
hermetically sealed —
Stacked to maximum occupancy
in a college dormitory
(though that particular armageddon
did not outlast its expiration date)
On a midnight romp
we liberated the tin
and slathered enough institutional jam
on the crackers to save the past
from the fallout shelter diet
of nuclear winter —
A half life of duck and cover
in mobius eternity

I know when the future begins:
Innovation follows a time line
the metal point — the crossbow
the colt 45 — the machine gun
the semiautomatic assault rifle —
Escalation is a linear event
Rage is a constant now

I know where the future happens:
At the borderline
where each village claims
its imaginary  friend
is the most omnipotent
The future will be viewed through screens
decreasing exponentially in size
the images high definition
but more and more remote

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