Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | April 3, 2014

Suggested Theme Thursday: Foreign land

For today’s suggested theme, I want you to think about a foreign land. It could be a place you’ve visited or want to visit, or it could be a place that’s not real. Create a scene or story, and set a poetic stage. See where it takes you.


  1. how do i post a foreign land poem

    • You could post it here, I suppose.

      • back to the question…HOW

      • Well, only the Admin can put up actual posts, if that’s what you mean. Readers can post comments. Most of the poems posted here have been in the comments. Group members who write something based on one of the suggested themes usually just bring the poem to the meeting to share with everyone. Does that make sense?

      • There is no place closer or further away than one imagined.

        Yes, it’s hard to say
        I could stay
        And let your fire warm my shell
        But the heat of a thousand suns
        Couldn’t reach this chill
        For it’s my spirit that shivers
        And it’s the winter in my mind
        That sets my being in motion
        To a place not even dreamed
        Where the heart and soul are warm
        And the days are many lifetimes
        Not just numbers and names
        It’s like the wind
        If its not here
        It’s somewhere
        And where has become an obsession

      • Very well done! Thank you for posting!

  2. Is this theme (foreign land) for Thursday or tomorrow, April 15?  I had missed a session having been in Florida, so maybe didn’t get the date correct?


    Lynn Davis

    • The themes are suggestions for anytime you want a topic. You could use that as a prompt for tomorrow’s meeting, or one in the future, or completely ignore it. It’s just a suggestion. I try to post a few on Thursdays throughout the month.

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