Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | March 11, 2014

When Mirror Met Shadow

Museum of rain


It was under the disco ball
dancing inside a dark swirl of flashes  —
splattering walls, floor, ceiling
and the crowd — it was more physics
than chemistry — but it was wild.

The thing about Mirror –
she could be both illuminating  and reflective
though  she had to deal with
some baggage from her past —
forced to kiss-up to her wicked stepmother,
and back in school played head games
with a girl named Alice
causing the poor girl to hallucinate.
But she polished her self-image since then
and felt ready to commit.

Though he kept coming back
Shadow was basically unreliable —
he’d follow at her heels,
then do his disappearing act
just when she was feeling most fragile.

Well, she always fell for
the dark depressive types
sometimes edgy – more often remote
and always nebulous
when the future came up.

And he let people walk all…

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