Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | December 23, 2013

The Nylon Angel – A 17 of 62 25ths

Museum of rain


1 The Nylon Angel –
I am five years old
My bible is called “101 Things to Make and Do”
and my mother – with scant inclination toward crafts
and zero tolerance for mess –
permits a rare and memorable half hour of her collaboration
sacrificing a ripped nylon to stretch the wings and gown
around the armature of pipe cleaners

Not allowed to use permanent markers myself
I was disappointed with her rendition of a face on the button head
but was permitted to dust the angelic being with glitter snow
all by myself
50 years later rust from the pipe cleaners bleeds through the halo
and graying clumps suggest after-the-snow-plow-snow
but this is still my idea of heaven

2 The Violent Manger Humiliation –
Yes, I whacked my little sister for messing up my perfect arrangement
of shepherds and wise men but I was five and have endured

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