Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | July 24, 2013

Boy In The Sound

Museum of rain


He announces he
will not
WILL!!! NOT!!!
go in the water

Just agree

Then hand him stones
a space clear of bathers
factoring for the wild throws
of almost four

Let satisfying ca-chunks
be the lure

The follow through
of each pitch brings him closer
until the tidal margin is well breached –
ankle deep

Now propose a hole
He controls the bucket
at all times but you are permitted
to excavate

When he retrieves water
your assistance is demanded
at the perilous edge
again and again
until finally it isn’t

Invite foot immersion
into the hole
noting the fun of splashing
the relief of cool water
in 93 degree heat –
shin deep

Suggest a dip
in the Sound itself
just feet, just like the hole
just a quick dip
in and out

Held by you

Concerns are raised

Sharks beneath the surface
Breaking high surf conditions

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