Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | September 27, 2012

Suggested theme Thursday: a drink or the place to have one

In recognition of our reading next Tuesday (at Cafe Nine in New Haven), tonight’s suggested theme provides two options:

1. Write something inspired by, in homage of, or related to your favorite alcoholic drink. It could be an ode to beer, some ruminations on rum, a verse for vodka… you get the idea. Weave a story about the drink or an event cause by it.

2. Write about a favorite place to have a drink. It could be an island. It could be the local watering hole. It could be imaginary.



  1. A Pint of Anxiety

    A round wooden table like a lectern set with nothing to say
    I’m early and nervous but why I cannot possibly say
    It’s not the first pint we’ve had, yet anxious excited am I
    The pint at the table stands comforting quiet while the rest of the patrons pass by
    I wait at the table the pint in my hand, expecting that smile’s appear
    Nothing else matters but this small round table that’s where we’re set to be
    Together alone, time to ourselves just blonde hair, blue eyes and me
    The glass sets before me to steady my hand, the jitters I can’t let you see
    A dark amber ale waits before me, patient as I’d like to show
    I look toward the stairs to see you coming to our nest here below
    I feel so dependent looking attendant, the ale on my tongue is quite dry
    Finally descendant that glorious gleam in your eye
    The passionate hug that encircles my heart, leaves me a satisfied guy

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