Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | July 18, 2012

If you aren’t already following Gemma’s blog, here’s another great example of why you should start…

Museum of rain


I must invoke Houdini to contort myself
into the threshold of the playhouse —
the one the second child of my second child
invited me through for her tea party —
and the second child still inside me is glad
i am finally just the right size

The other actual people in her present scope
having begged off her personally delivered invitation —
she turns intently toward the wall
and through improvisation she assimilates refusal —
presses some knotholes to phone
trumped up possible late arrivals —
endures contrived dramatic excuses for delay
simultaneously sweeps the floor with a hemlock branch
the ubiquitous baby-doll Lula
wedged maternally in the crook of her armpit

Then — unabashed — she intently arranges
and rearranges clattering permutations
of four metal teacups and saucers
four metal dessert plates and one metal teapot
on the matching metal tray
to attempt an aesthetic symmetry
but —…

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  1. beautiful

  2. What a lovely – and moving – poem! Thanks!!

  3. I’m doing well, thanks. Exhausted, but well. I’m following your news as best I can: I love the photos and the poetry! And the chicks!!!!

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