Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | June 24, 2012

My two incubators

Right now, we’ve got roughly 30 eggs in the incubation process, and we’ve got two incubators “running.”  One of our incubators is our buff Orpington hen Ginger (pictured in her make-shift broody coop to keep her separate but with the other layers). The other incubator is pulled into the wall in our living room. You see the eggs in the pictures. Yes, some are bluish (the eggs of the Americauna), some are white (eggs from La Fleche hens) and some are very dark (eggs from Marans hens).  I bought the eggs from chicken breeders in South Carolina and Texas.

If you or someone you know if a chicken fancier in Connecticut who might be interested in couple  chicks (I’m hoping for great hatch rates, which will mean more chicks than we can handle), let me know because we’ll be selling off some straight run good stock babies in about three weeks.

The hatchlings from April and May got to enjoy the enclosed run today for the first time. They enjoyed it much. Pictures to come later this week.



  1. Remember the old adage “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” Every time I got cocky and started thinking about what to do with all the extra chicks I was gonna have I got wapped upside the head with the wisdom of that old saying!

    • Max, you are completely right. I just want to be prepared, in case some “beginner’s luck” strikes! Thanks for posting.

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