Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | June 10, 2012

Out with the old shed in with the new shed/coop

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So, here it is. My project. You’ll note an old crappy shed has been replaced by a new shed/coop, built by me.  Inside (starting today) live our little feathered friends. You’ll count seven chicks in that photo, if you have a sharp eye.



  1. Nice work Rudy!!!! Those are some happy chickens you’ve got there!

  2. Beautiful job! Now how about adding 2 small window boxes…and planting them with some bright red geraniums! {:>)

    • There are number of jobs still to be done, and originally window boxes were on the list.

  3. These ancient eyes detect only six, and maybe one more Cheshire Cat-like outline, but they look like a happy bunch…but who wouldn’t in such a palace?

    • They are quite a happy bunch. I come to their door and they run over to investigate. They even seem to enjoy getting petted.

  4. We, too, have chickens – 14 hens and a rooster. Their abode isn’t quite as nice as yours but we did use reclaimed barn wood from a barn on its way to the ground so it feels a bit nostalgic. My son is a what I call a ‘chicken whisperer’ as he can get those chickens to do anything with him, including ride a bike and run down a slip and slide with him. Your new coop is just lovely! Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and liking my poem – much appreciated 🙂

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