Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | May 10, 2012

Suggested Theme Thursday: some greenery

For today’s prompt, consider writing about a plant that lives in your home, in your garden or in your yard. See what inspiration comes from this greenery.



  1. Sleepy Oaks

    Laying down in a feild of green
    I drift off into a dream.
    My body is a seed that takes root
    towards the sky I cast a shoot.

    Feeding off a passing shower
    my hands and feet begin to flower.
    Absorbing colors of a rainbow
    reaching higher I begin to grow.

    Branching out in all directions
    I can offer comfort and protection
    passer-byes enjoy my shade
    in my loins their homes are made.

    Climbing skyward towards the sun
    a giant tree I have become.
    I’ll never know if I’m maple or oak
    because from my sleep I have woke.

    by rich jackson 05/14/12

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