Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | May 3, 2012

Suggested Theme Thursday: the rain on the window

For today’s suggested theme, think about the rain. Consider the patterns it makes as it streaks across your windshield as you drive along the highway. Maybe you are heading somewhere special, a sentimental place, or maybe just to work. Think about the noise the rain makes against various surfaces, and how it splashes and beads up. Write about the smell of the rain and the moods it can invoke. Write about what happens when the rain dries up…



    By Don Segal

    Rain on my feet,
    Thunder in the sky, lightning
    Dazzling sparks in my eyes.

    Japanese maple
    Speaks to the wind, whispering,
    Twittering, waving its limbs.

    Rain on my feet and
    Breeze on my toes, settling
    Arguments that I propose.

  2. Life Blood

    Pitter patter
    distictive sound
    liquid matter
    falling down.

    Lightning flashing
    across the sky
    raindrops lashing
    a land so dry.

    beating the groung
    submission awaits
    refuge found
    in swelling storm grates.

    Rain empowers
    giving birth
    trees and flowers
    life on earth.

    by rich jackson

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