Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | April 20, 2012

The Civil Wars (a little music for a Friday evening)

I wanted to share a little music tonight, so here’s a link to youtube where you’ll find a video from a duo called The Civil Wars.  This song is called “Poison and Wine.”  Take a listen. I think they are a terrific group.


  1. The Civil Wars are fantastic – I’ve been following them for a while now. They harmonize together so beautifully…

  2. Only heard them recently on The Hunger Games Soundtrack, glad you shared this. I agree that the harmonies are unusually beautiful for a M-F duo.
    The video itself is moving – the fear of connection when their needs and desires come so close.
    It occurred to me it is almost an antithesis of one of my favorite videos, which is just a simple visual of a couple clinging to each other in embrace,
    “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel with Kate Bush, several years back.
    The camera circles them and you get a close up of each face when they sing to the partner:

    BTW – having read all 3 Hunger Games books, I was atypically mostly quite satisfied with the film. Quite a well realized interpretation, in tone and characterization.

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