Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | April 9, 2012

The new chicks (2012 flock friends)

Without further delay, here are some pictures of our new chicks. We’d ordered 6 from a hatchery… they had a problem with one breed, so they shipped us five. You’ll note there are only three little babies in the pics because the other two did not survive the journey.

In other concurrent, exciting chicken news, our gold laced wyandotte has gone broody (for those who don’t know, that means she sits in the nest all day trying to hatch some eggs). Of course, without a rooster, our girls’ eggs aren’t fertile, but I contacted a nice woman locally and we bought some fertile eggs from her (see pic of eggs in carton). So in roughly three weeks, we may have hatchlings!



  1. RIP the dear little ones who didn’t make it; and best wishes to the mother-to-be!

  2. the chicks are all right!! cool egg colors too…

  3. Wonderful – congratulations on your new additions and best wishes for the brooding female.

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