Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | March 12, 2012

Some tasty sandwiches

While not related to poetry, I saw this food related post and it made me hungry. So I thought I’d share in case any one is in the Stamford area and seeking some grilled goodness.

Melt Mobile Food Truck to Bring Gourmet Grilled Cheese to Stamford, Connecticut.



  1. hey, maybe we can expand to some food reviews… which may be somehow related since Robert Pinsky said “read like a chef eats!”

    • I think food reviews, meals out and recipes are great topics. Including them here stirs up plenty of creative juices.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. Stamford will be a better place when they open up. Food is quite inspiring. I love this poem and have taught it many times to my English students:

    This Is Just To Say
    by William Carlos Williams

    I have eaten
    the plums
    that were in
    the icebox

    and which
    you were probably
    for breakfast

    Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so sweet
    and so cold

  3. A classic poem, and you’re right about food being a great inspiration.

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