Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | February 7, 2012

Medlars and other new knowledge from tonight’s meeting

I enjoy meetings like tonight’s. We shared great poetry and learned some new things. For those who could not be there tonight, and those in the larger world of blogs, I wanted to share some knowledge and links.

Learn a little bit about the medlar and see a picture.

The cool blog that Gemma mentioned tonight.

A link to Guilford poet Mark McGuire-Schwartz reading one of his poems, in his 17 style.



  1. Thanks for sharing, very much appreciated.

  2. Rudy,

    Thank you for including me on your site. I must say that the poem that I am reading in that YouTube clip is a 17, but it is fairly atypical in that the units are unnumbered. I should clarify that the 17 poem consists of 17 units, rather than 17 stanzas. In other words, some units may be more than one stanza long. It also isn’t my best reading. (Alas, I should have thought about that before and done a better job.) But I appreciate the interest of your group, and I appreciate that you provided the YouTube reading for your group and your job. So, thanks again.

    –Mark McGuire-Schwartz

    • Mark,
      Thanks for the reply. There was a question from a newcomer about your 17 style, so I scoured the ‘net seeking an example. That YouTube clip was all I found.

  3. What are Medlars?

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