Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | October 18, 2011

Update from Deanie

The Winter 2011 Special Irish Issue of Prairie Schooner contains work by Deanie Rowan Blank. If you want to order that issue or begin a subscription with that issue, please call 1-800-715-2387. Thank you!

I might add that two of my poems appear in above-mentioned Winter 2011 Special Irish Issue.  A ten page excerpt of my long rhyming poem about the Irish mythological hero, “CUCHULAIN AND THE TAIN BO CUAILNGE: A CELTIC ILIAD” (Cuchulain and the great battle for the Brown Bull of Cooley), will be published in the Spring 2012 Issue.


Finally, the Prairie Schooner editor has invited me to attend a two-day launch event for the Special Irish Issue in Lincoln, NE as one of 4 featured writers, and Prairie Schooner’s reception at the AWP Annual Conference and Book Fair in Chicago, Feb/March 2012 as well.

AKA: Olladean Rowan LaPlante-Blank
Please check my web site at

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