Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | January 18, 2011

No meeting tonight!

After much careful consideration, I’ve decided to not chance the weather and to call off tonight’s meeting. Not sure if all this rain and slop will freeze on the roads tonight, so it’s best we all stay put. Our next meeting will be Feb. 1.  If I remember correctly, we had some weather trouble last winter, too.

Maybe we can all submit a comment about what we were planning on bring to the meeting tonight…



  1. here’s my icy-storm-kind-of-mood poem….


    You have offered me refuge in the storm
    The heat of the inside fire is calling
    Back in by a lethargic hearth of stone
    Left eagerly to brave the burning stinging chill
    And leave tracks where none have yet tread
    Stung by bitter patron Wind, I feel alive
    Behind the glass I knew my fate would lie
    Beyond caressed and wrapped in fury Air

    I lose track of time in the falling snow
    White is everywhere around, bright blinding
    Infinite tiny patterns lace the air
    Through the quiet keenly I see branches
    Tortured by a maddening wind and cased with ice
    So also graced serene the turtle rocks
    Past which the stream flows like living sculpture
    Black against the white I turn to see false flame
    Out through the bars of its constricted frame
    Rendered puny by perspective and exposed
    As habitual ignorance fit for the fool I feel
    I trudge content further into the woods
    The hearth fire holds sway no more

  2. I will save my bloody snow comment poem for next meeting, but thanks for asking.

  3. Keith, I like the line about tortured branches.

    My poem is sad. I posted it on my blog. It’s longish, so I’m not going to repost it here, but you can read it if you feel like it:

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