Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | December 28, 2010

New Year Haiku-lutions

This is the end, my friend… my only friend the end… of 2010.

I’ve already heard mixed reviews on this year, with just a few days to go. Our little blog will be 1 year old in January, and it’s had a pretty busy year. I look forward to continuing on what was started here in 2010, and hopefully get some more of you involved, posting, commenting and reading.

I thought for the last week of the year we could post “haiku-lutions.”  In case it’s not obvious, I’m talking about New Year’s resolutions in the form of a haiku. (refresher… haiku have three lines: first comprised of 5 syllables, the second with 7 and the third with 5).

Since I just coughed this up, I’ll start.  One of my goals is to write each night, but not be awake too late. So, here in haiku-lution format:

Coyote greets moon,

pen done scratching in tree pulp,

bed calls my first name.


Now, I want you to try….



    by Don Segal

    Patience, with you and
    Myself each day, each month in
    The fresh year, new year.

  2. Hi, Rudy and all. Long time, no post. I hope to get back to the group this year. In the meantime, my humble haiku-lution:

    Turn the wheels daily,
    eschewing television
    embracing the page

  3. Last year fades to dust
    Filled with success and defeat
    Which time will enhance

    New Year marches in
    May new challenges arrive
    You are keen to meet


    Resolutions make
    In the middle of the night
    Which daylight regrets


    Resolved to write more
    Promise to pick up the pen
    And use the mouth less

  4. Waits on lily pad
    through sunrise and then sunset
    for one fly in reach.

    (yes Rudy, still working on my patience)

    • nice one Bets!

  5. drive to IKEA
    put on minotaur costume
    prowl the labyrinth

    bad avocado?
    return to grocery store
    demand a refund

    wait, wait, watch and wait
    opportunity arrives
    on the turtle’s back

    build ranarium
    be first to hear spring peepers
    then try not to croak

    mind my own business
    develop introspection –
    business is booming!

    calculate risks
    kiss the dragon on the lips
    while he inhales

    sever rotted thoughts
    difficult ones block sunlight
    prune back for new growth

  6. Make no excuses
    exercise this feeble frame
    and get to real work

    Gemma…loved all yours, but line “try not to croak” is my all-time favorite! J.

  7. uh, oh, my sixth haiku does not have enough syllables!
    (perhaps I should resolve to conquer my numerophobia?)
    Please amend to:

    calculate the risks
    kiss the dragon on the lips
    while he’s inhaling

    thanks Judy!

    • Nice “fix.” This one’s my favorite!

  8. Wow… these are all great! I think these are the best ones posted all year. What a way to end 2010!

  9. CHANGE?
    By Don Segal

    One, one, one one, one
    century has passed,
    Wheels spinning in mud?

  10. give up the struggle
    allow deserved abundance
    contentment within

    Pour out my Glory
    Praise Ra, Gaia, and Ala
    Light from within I will share

    Exhale, be myself
    Settle in to 38th
    Let go of the past

    Recreate my shape
    at hometown Fitness Planet
    Gorge on Health this year!

    Peace in 2011 everyone, Susie

    • Very nice indeed!

      • thank you Sweetheart

  11. […] and I think it was a success. We had many creative responses to challenge (which can be viewed here).  Since I believe the end of the year is a time for reflection and refocus, let’s write […]

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