Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | November 18, 2010

Suggested Theme Thursday: Occult day

Today is occult day. I didn’t know this until just now, but I thought it was interesting. I found the following description of the day:

Occult Day

When : Always November 18th

Occult Day is a mysterious day, outside the realm of the normal and natural world.

Concealed, secret, hidden, mysterious, un-natural. These are all words to describe the world of Occult. Astrology should readily come to mind. Alchemy, too. Many secret groups are occults.

How do you partake and enjoy Occult Day? It’s a cinch! Join or start a secret society. Get out the ouija board. Visit an Astrologer. Or, have your palm read.

Have a mysteriously Happy Occult Day!!!  link to source

So, today, consider writing a poem about a dealing with the occult.  What is your experience with the mysterious…?


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