Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | November 16, 2010

How are we doing on our 2010 resolutions?

Do you remember way back in January when I posted about making a writing resolution for 2010?  Some of you bravely posted some possible resolutions in regard to writing.  Want to have your memory refreshed?   Take a look here.

Who has stuck to what they planned?  There’s still time if you haven’t. Get started today.

Though I didn’t write them here I wrote a few down and tucked them into my notebook. There were four, and it looks like I’ll reach three of them by year end.  (they were: write everyday, write 50 poems this year, maintain the blog, and submit to 25 publications/contests).  I’ve fallen short on the last one, which will make me reconsider next year how better to structure these goals.

How have you done with your goals for 2010?  Will you make new ones for 2011?  I’d like to see more people make goals for next year. It truly does help make them happen…



  1. Well….my resolutions have been sort of halfway kept…like not coming to class empty-handed, reading Italian most (?) days, and submitting little stuff once or twice, but not as planned…some progress on procratination, not much.

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