Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | October 7, 2010

Help a fellow writer win a contract

A fellow writer and friend, Patrick Scalisi, is having a short story published in an anthology. And, by visiting a website and clicking on his name, he may win a publishing contract…

Pat’s email:

Hello Friends:

My short story “The Registry of Lost Socks” will be published in the upcoming short story anthology An Honest Lie Volume 2. I’ve just learned that the anthology will be released on Oct. 31, 2010.Now I need your help.

Please visit to vote for me as your favorite author in the anthology. Then pass this along to your friends and urge them to vote as well. Voting is absolutely free, and the author with the most votes will receive a publishing contract.

If you are feeling especially generous, please consider buying a copy of the anthology. The book costs $16.55 plus shipping, but if you pre-order before Oct. 21, you will receive a $2.00 discount. You can also order an e-book copy for $10.00 Either of these purchases will help me with my votes as well. Visit for information on how to order.

Thanks in advance for your support.



  1. It looks like he is a shoe-in for the contract. As of my vote this morning, he has 76% of the vote and everyone else has 1%. Now I shouldn’t make any comments about ballot box stuffing, but….

    • Reading next week on the 16th?

    • The numbers have declined a little. Seems he’s in second place now. If you didn’t vote, please go… and if you did and you don’t mind helping stuff the ballot box, please go vote again. Early and often, as they say. Thanks.

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