Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | August 6, 2010

Found Poem Friday: One by me

Well, today’s poem is not exactly a found one, it’s one of mine. I shared it with the group earlier this week and got to thinking that many of my friends from high school could probably related to it. So, not sure how else to share it (and drive some traffic to the blog), here it is…

Days of diner nights

We’d pay for the amusement,

the greasy atmosphere,

and colorful clientele who

like us, needed a place to go

after all other places closed

or had kicked us out.

With testosterone fueled

cast iron stomachs,

we’d order by whim:

banana pancakes, egg salad club,

steak and cheese or meatball parm subs,

chicken in a basket and a root beer,

Challah French toast, blueberry cream pie,

cheesecake cup (green mold, no extra charge),

Oreo cookie pie with dish soap aftertaste,

disco fries with gravy and a dance on the side.

Now, we’d second guess

that late night snack,

a lead sinker in the belly,

that burrito at midnight,

or bacon cheddar omelet

with burnt home fries and

rye toast with mixed fruit jelly.

Even tonight, so hungry

for onion rings and waffles,

the memories keep me full.





  1. Great poem, Rudy!…I Saw it, Tasted it, and Felt it in the pit of my stomach. Thanks for sharing {:>)

  2. Yikes,
    Heartburn City Arizona! Great poem Rudy. A gustatory memoir.

    Practically how i remembered early diner experiences, only our curly fries came with ersatz melted cheese with an atomic glow and density way off the periodic table.
    Once I remember pressing the buttons on booth- controlled jukebox to play “Cold Turkey” by John Lennon, first it played entirely backward, then the whole thing played again, forward. Good times.

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