Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | July 26, 2010

Summer haiku

Summer is moving along quickly. I thought we could start this week writing and sharing some summer inspired haiku.  Only guideline: use the word “summer” in one of those three lines.  I’ll start:

Mid-night thunderstorm

summer’s spectacle fireworks,

earth’s cool down shower.



  1. Frost stings eye and cheek
    Barely thawed by August sun
    Summer leaves too fast

  2. Watermellon rind
    Ripe tomatoes from the vine
    Summer juices flow

  3. Swimming nude at night
    Sleeping under summer sun
    Pray Fall does not come

  4. Summer days are long
    Beaches beckon me
    Sandy shoes today

    • Sigh…got all wound up and broke the rules… take two..

      Summer days are long
      Beaches beckon all of us
      Sandy shoes today

  5. Rainbow fruit salad
    Smells like pink candied flowers
    Tastes like summer should

  6. Short verse fill the air
    Summer haiku task fufilled
    Poet had caffeine

  7. Vicious vines strangle
    Summer fever flies in face
    Lawnmower sputters

  8. I wrote a summer Haiku a few weeks ago, on the fourth of July. I was driving home from MA on I-91, and enjoyed this spectacle more than any fireworks. I wrote it before your suggested guideline word, but I’ll share it anyhow:
    (BTW- Spit Shine, revised, is now up on the Museum of Rain.)

    Baguette clouds sop up
    red sauce of the sunset sky –

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