Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | July 1, 2010

Suggested Theme Thursday: Use these words

For today’s prompt, I will throw out some words to use in your poem, but your words will be different from mine.  Here’s how it works…1. Use the name of your street. (You could use Main Street or just Main)

2. Include the day of the week you write the piece. (if today, you’d include Thursday)

3.  Use the color of your neighbor’s house or car.

4. Include a good “sound” word, such as sizzle, pop, fizz, crash, boom (you get the idea).

5. Mention a favorite place (it could be a place you’ve been, vacation or somewhere you want to go).

That’s it….



  1. Green Thursday’s complete
    Red stain screeches to a halt
    Murder in Boston

    O.K….somehow haiku just isn’t appropriate for every occasion….

    Ode to the Waters

    You, my beginning
    I am listening
    Your green springs gush past
    The absolution we create
    For ourselves, but not for you

    Sometimes blue reflecting the heaven
    wrapped around us all
    at others white and opaque
    as an altered memory of triumphs
    or laurels never earned
    and still others clear as a drop of
    hydrochloric acid

    Slow and tarry here with me
    Ease your rushing hurry
    and become still and calm
    as a Sunday prayer in Rutland

    We are one
    an elegant trilogy in every capillary
    dissolving nutrients and waste
    for my convenience

    But you must go
    To carry my evolution
    Spread my renown
    To downstream eddied memories
    Even as I stay
    And weep another drop

    KR Ainsworth (c) 2010

    [Green Springs is my street; my neighbors’ houses are white and blue; Sunday is the day i should have written the poem, since Thursday is a decidedly unpoetic day; gush and rush are slightly onomatopeaic and Rutland is my New England idyll — I give our fearless leader credit for once again providing us with a worthy prompt challenge]

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