Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | May 20, 2010

Suggested theme Thursday: Haiku challenge

Today, I want to post a challenge. Something simple, but I bet we will get some interesting results. It will be a haiku challenge, so no one will have an excuse to not give this a try. Does everyone remember the rules of the form?  Three lines: first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables and the third has 5 again. Traditionally, this Asian style has a nature theme.  So, here’s the challenge…

I will post 3 of my own haiku.  Your challenge is to take one noun from one of these and use it in a new haiku. Post your new creation here. Once others are posted, feel free to grab a noun from one of them and create a new one.

Fish head on sidewalk
dropped by seagull on lunch flight,
empty eye stares up.

Sunset through palm leaves,
wave rolls gently to the sand
paradise arrives.

grass crunchy underfoot
on hillside slope, footprints press
into snowy face.



  1. Winter chills, you drop
    Your leaves, naked and thorny,
    A rose nonetheless.

  2. silky green capsule
    measures his miles in inches
    of grass and sidewalk

    (ha! I used two!)

  3. a face not unknown
    stares from the tepid water
    placid lake of bliss

    verde blades tween toes
    dropped with dew and morning light
    delights true nature

    paradise is found
    as cool mist distorts my path
    awake to rapture

  4. hungry fish take flight
    signaled by subtle ripple
    bare their teeth and feast

    ((I just watched this show about piranhas…))

  5. I am the squid eye
    Ever following a light
    Never catch the moon

    (fish/squid..same thing, eh?)

  6. This week left me grey
    The light swaddled with its hues
    My soul its prism

    Pond beckons me close
    Shining ripples lead to thoughts
    Of what stirs beneath

    Haiku is the best medicine for these weeks when time is scarce but the desire to write burns on…

  7. Wow… nice work everyone!

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