Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | March 31, 2010

From the depths of outer space (or maybe the ocean…)

I’ve always found it interesting that space travel and exploration are so heavily stressed. Countless masses of money are thrown into these endeavors, with mixed results. I joke that we’ve given up on this planet and are seeking a new place to wreck. At times, though, it is obvious that we know precious little about our own planet (and our minds for that matter, but that’s a different story…).  I wanted to share this web gem with all of you who may not have seen it yet…

This giant “sea bug” came from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, a stowaway found when a submerged rig surfaced. It’s an isopod, and a pretty large one. I remember as a child that my younger brother used to dig much smaller versions of this guy from the surf along Cape Cod. I told him they were bugs, but he was undeterred and put them in a bucket to examine them before dumping them back into the waves.

It just goes to show that there are “things” out there that aren’t extraterrestrial. I’m sure there’s some poetry in the unknown…


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