Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | March 21, 2010

World Poetry Day

Since today is World Poetry Day (which is actually news to me), we should all read about it and do something in honor of the day. Here are a few links that discuss the day and give the schedule of events (of course, the event is being held in France, so it’s quite doubtful any of us are there).

I think, since it’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood, that we should all try to celebrate in two ways. First, we should all go out and enjoy the natural world around us. Woods, ocean, city park, somewhere that the beauty of nature shines through. Second, we should all submit a poetic work to one of the many places looking for them. Go to or perhaps the Duotrope Digest site.

Let me know how you celebrated the day (and send good thoughts for my open house today!).



  1. Great idea for Poetry Day! You inspired me to submit five poems to a lit mag!

  2. My Web site blog hosted a solidarity event for writing moms today–traded poems with a writing mom in Ireland on the site!

    I have one I may submit…checking out a couple of markets.

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