Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | March 13, 2010

Rainy resolve

On this rainy, blustery day, as we approach the Ides of March, nearly 2.5 months in 2010, I started thinking about an early post asking about your resolutions, be they writing related or not.

Today’s a good day to check in on these. I want to hear how you’re doing. If you’ve forgotten what your resolution(s) was/were check back in your notes or perhaps you posted it here (go find the original post from January).

My goals are/were:

1. To maintain the blog

2. Bring 2 new poems to each meeting

3. Submit to at least 25 publications this year

4. Write more poems than in 2009

I’m happy to say that all of these are on course so far.  How about yours?  Let’s have a refresher update here. Remember, they don’t have to be about writing… any goals that you want to share and your progress so far!



  1. Dear South Shore Poets, I am new to this blog and group–and have not been to a meeting. Still, I’m delighted that you are so near that I can think about joining you.

    I have been invited to participate on a panel of authors at a conference presented by the International Women’s Writing Guild the third weekend in April in Manhattan. The subject is how we got published and how others can publish their work. My book of poems Red Hen’s Daughters will be featured.

    This is huge for me after many years of struggle and small successes, so I hope you will smile with me.

  2. Patricia,
    Thanks for the post and thanks for visiting the blog. I checked out some of the poems from your collection, and hope it’s alright for me to post a link so others can check them out too.
    Very interesting work! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your conference invitation.

  3. My resolution was simple–20 minutes a day of pure writing. Have to say I don’t honestly do this, although I may make up for it with longer chunks–several hours on Sat and Sun! Still, I want that consistency…Reducing my work hours a bit in April so for the first time ever will have a day to write. I am eager to see how that shapes up!

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