Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | February 11, 2010

Suggested theme Thursday: Dangerous keepsakes

Today’s theme will keep with the Valentine’s line but be much more accessible than last week’s challenge of sonnets. (I admit that I’ve tried my hand at a few sonnets and have not completed any of them yet. I hope to revisit them this weekend.) I got today’s idea suggestion from a great book, “The Daily Writer,” by Fred White, where one entry deals with the prompt of  “dangerous keepsakes.” 

This is an accessible topic because everyone has some kind of keepsake in their house, probably even now there is one within eyeshot. As White suggests keepsakes generally are around to remind us of a good time, a good place, a good person and/or a combination of these. Of course, sometimes these objects are kept but now evoke a painful memory (think terminated friendship, a betrayal, heartbreak).

So, this week’s suggestion is to take a keepsake or two and consider their story. Why do you hang on to it? What does it bring back, good, bad or ugly? Tell the story from the object’s point of view. Write the scene when/where it was obtained. Look around you… there’s bound to be an inanimate object that you can breathe life into. Make your keepsake come alive… make it dangerous.

(can’t wait to see these…)



  1. Good prompt, Rudy. Thanks!

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