Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | January 28, 2010

Suggested Theme Thursday: random groundhogs

There is something about having random words thrown at me. Perhaps it’s because they don’t come from in my own head. It makes them foreign, makes the story that appears around them unique.  I’ve often said that the greatest books ever written are dictionaries. Sure, the story in them may be a little hard to follow, but it’s all in there. Last Thursday, I suggested some randomly generated groups of words. To keep with that theme, and to expand, I’m going to throw out three more ideas today…

1.  Random Objects: I found a very random writing “prompt” generator. Here’s the link. I’ll also add it to our blog roll.  I tried the three random objects one and came up with: a lost key, a train and a garden pond (which I think is a pretty nice list). So suggestion one is to try out those words. (or go to the site and play around until inspiration hits).

2. Random plot: I tried the random plot generator and it gave me this:  circus performer (protagonist); warthogs (antagonist); a dark cellar (setting); to be on television (goal); seeing a ghost (important event); invisible ink (important object).   Umm, so yeah, I think that’s cool, odd but full of possibilities.

3. Write about that groundhog and his magic powers of weather-forecasting (since we’re meeting on the day that honors the poor pig getting yanked from his hole).

Hopes this gets some brain cells buzzin’…


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