Posted by: shorelineclusterpoets | January 6, 2010

Haiku are easy… (a thought from last night’s meeting)

During last night’s meeting, Judy made an important suggestion. She said that she didn’t want to come to meetings empty-handed in 2010.  So, in hand, she had two perfectly fine haiku. I think this is a good idea for each of us to incorporate for a few reasons….1. While I enjoy having writers around the table whether empty-handed or not, I prefer hands full of creativity and mouths with unique voices inside, expressing the many unique voices in our heads.

2. Haiku are easy: three lines of five-seven-five can express yourself.  (See, that’s a haiku).

3. As one of my favorite poets (and CT resident) Charles Rafferty once said in an interview: “Stabbing at dirt can polish a knife.” The point is a nice way around writers’ block is to go through it. How to do that? Write something short, structured and easily finished. For a while, I wrote a haiku each day. Think of it as pre-workout stretching.

So, fill empty hands / with haiku and be happy, / share with writing group.



  1. I woke up early
    Started my Turkey poem
    Completed on break

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